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How and When to Feed Your Deer

21% Deer Fuel


Feed Time: January - May 1st


This 21% feed is important to help your deer gain weight back by the first of April. This makes up for the weight lost during the rut in the hard winter months. This feed begins to condition the rumen in order to help build good micro rumen bugs. This is one of the key elements to begin growing big bone mass.

18% Excelerator


Feed Time: May 1st - September 1st


The 18% Excelerator has 5 critical ingredients for helping blood flow to promote antler growth during the hot summer months. This has a stimulant that allows deer to eat more during the warm weather. This also has a higher fat and a higher fiber content.

Fall Energizer


Feed Time: September - January


The Fall Energizer is used when the deer horns begin to lose their velvet. It contains high carbohydrates to help maintain weight during the rut fall. Also, it contains the same minerals, that have been used all year, to help promote good rumen bugs for the next growing season.

Blue Def 18%


Feed Time: May - October


Blue Def is the only feed that gives protection during the months of high midge fly infestations. This product has been tested for 3 years in high fences. This is why the product is named Blue Def. 

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